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State denies Constitution natural gas pipeline permits

DEC had repeatedly requested that Constitution provide a comprehensive and site-specific analysis of depth for pipeline burial to mitigate the project’s environmental impact ­ but the company refused ­ providing only a limited analysis of burial depth for 21 of the 250 New York streams. Pipes can become exposed in stream beds if not buried deeply enough, and corrective action can further damage the stream and impact water quality. . . .

New York Denies Critical Permit for Natural Gas Pipeline

ALBANY, N.Y. ­ New York environmental regulators have rejected a critical permit needed for a major natural gas pipeline project, saying the project fails to meet standards that protect hundreds of streams, wetlands and other water resources in its path. . . .

NYSDEC Denies Water Quality Certificate Required For Constitution Pipeline

Today, officials from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced the denial of the Clean Water Act Section 401 Water Quality Certification for the proposed Constitution Pipeline.. . .

Constitution pipeline 401 WQC Denied!

"This notice of denial serves as the Department's final determination." Today the NYS DEC denied 401 water quality certificate for the Constitution Pipeline. This is a huge victory for the people and the planet. Stop the Pipeline is extremely grateful to Governor Cuomo, the DEC, and those who believed in our goals, and worked [...]

Photo Gallery from the April 2016 Albany March

The March in Albany April 5th brought hundreds to the Capital to voice their opposition to the Constitution Pipeline. <a href="">See the entire Gallery</a>

Stop a Pipeline for Fracked Gas — NY Times Op-Ed By Karenna Gore

The Clean Water Act gives the New York Department of Environmental Conservation the power to deny a water-quality certificate to projects that do not meet its water-quality standards. There is ample reason to do so. . . . The Constitution Pipeline is the wrong delivery system, using the wrong fuel, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. It promises benefits it can’t deliver, and will bring costs it neglects to calculate ­ to water, wildlife, family farms, tourism and, yes, the earth’s atmosphere. This month, New Yorkers should let the water guide us ­ and say no.

Environmental activists take pipeline rally to Albany

"A group of environmental activists is calling on the governor to shutdown plans for the Constitution Pipeline. . . . They're pushing Governor Andrew Cuomo to deny a water quality permit for the project."

RFK Jr. among Constitution Pipeline protesters

"You know what this pipeline is about," Kennedy said. "This is not about making America a better place; it's about enriching a few billionaires and shareholders of these companies." "We won this battle on fracking in New York state," Kennedy said. "Governor Cuomo has shown his national leadership on that issue."

Anti-pipeline activists rally ahead of expected DEC decision

"If Governor Cuomo doesn't say 'no' to the Constitution pipeline, it's like signing a death warrant for New York's water," said Wenonah Hauter, executive director of Food & Water Watch. . . . "Those who attended Tuesday's rally criticized the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for its consistent approval of pipeline projects. Robert F. Kennedy Jr., founder of the Waterkeeper Alliance and the Pace Environmental Litigation Clinic, said the federal agency was a "sock puppet for the oil and gas industry."

Hundreds Rally Asking Gov. Cuomo to Deny the Constitution Pipeline

"Nearly 400 people from across the state of New York and beyond rallied in Albany today asking Gov. Cuomo to stand up to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and use the state's authority under the Clean Water Act to deny the 401 water quality certificate for the Constitution Pipeline."