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STP Letter to NYS Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman

Re: OAG must protect the people, laws, and resources of NYS by objecting to the Constitution Pipeline Company’s request for a partial notice to proceed

Fresh off Keystone XL win, greens turn to halting gas

More than 40 groups launched a campaign called "Keystone the Constitution" to pressure New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) into denying the 124-mile Constitution pipeline, which is proposed to run from Pennsylvania to New York. . . .


Over 40 organizations ask Gov. Cuomo & Acting DEC Commissioner Seggos to follow President Obamas lead and reject the Constitution Pipeline New Yorkers also send 10,000 postcards to Gov. Cuomo during holiday season portraying landowners who are fighting for their land and livelihoods

STP letter to Cuomo and Seggos. DEC’s deliberations are not arbitrary.

STP letter to Cuomo and Seggos. DEC's deliberations are not arbitrary.

Call Governor Cuomo at 1-877-235-6537 and ask him to Stop the Constitution Pipeline!

Giving its typical rubber stamp, President Obama's FERC approved the proposed Constitution Pipeline almost ten months ago, but Governor Cuomo's DEC can stop it by denying the 401 water quality certificate. Because of all of your efforts, the 401 water quality certificate was not issued in July. Now the pipeline company says it will be [...]

What It Takes To Win Against New Gas Pipelines: Lessons from New York, Georgia and Kentucky

"Constitution pipeline, currently delayed and perhaps permanently stalled by grassroots opposition."

Major Push to Stop a Controversial Pipeline

CBS 6 News Major Push to Stop a Controversial Pipeline   By Cody Holyoke August 11, 2015   “You can’t build a pipeline up and down mountains, clearcutting a thousand acres of forestland, destroying forested wetlands that protect all of the waters downstream of this, and comply with New York State laws.” –Ann Marie Garti [...]

Protestors Opposed to a Project Years in the Making

WABC News 10 Protestors Opposed to a Project Years in the Making   By WABC, News 10 Staff August 11, 2015   Protestors of the “Constitution” pipeline spoke out at a press conference, saying the DEC should deny the 401 water Quality Certificate.

Stop The Pipeline is the Message

WUTR Eyewitness News Stop The Pipeline is the Message   By WUTR, Eyewitness News Staff August 11, 2015   “We’re not here to attack the DEC, we’re here to tell the DEC that we expect them to do the right thing,” said Ann Marie Garti and she added that, as this falls under federal law [...]

Protesting the Pipeline

Time Warner Cable News Protesting the Pipeline   By Capital Tonight Staff August 11, 2015   Protesters were out in force in Albany on Tuesday to protest the proposed Constitution Pipeline. The pipeline would transport gas from Pennsylvania through New York and other markets, but some residents say it would disrupt their quality of life. [...]