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Presentation notes from STP August 2016 meeting

Presentation notes from STP August 2016 meeting.

STP’s Brief — Addendum B: affidavits from members of STP

STP’s Brief — Addendum A: statutes and regulations

Stop the Pipeline’s Brief Challenging FERC’s Orders

Stop the Pipeline's Brief Challenging FERC's Orders

New York AG, Constitution Backers Trade Legal Blows Over Marcellus Pipe Project Natural Gas Intel

The battle over the proposed Constitution Pipeline into New York State got rougher on Monday after the state's attorney general (AG) asked FERC to investigate the pipeline for allegedly cutting trees and taking other unauthorized actions for the project.

New York Demands Probe of Tree Cutting on Pipeline Route

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Friday demanded that FERC investigate Constitution Pipeline for alleged tree cutting and other construction activities in defiance of a commission order (CP13-499). . .

AG adds to legal woes for Constitution pipeline

State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman on Friday raised another potential legal obstacle to the proposed Constitution natural gas pipeline, already wounded this month when the state denied it necessary environmental permits. . . .

State rejects Constitution natural gas pipeline on environmental grounds

State rejects Constitution natural gas pipeline on environmental grounds By Brian Nearing April 22, 2016 For the second time in a week, a major natural gas pipeline project in the state appears to have hit the rocks. . . . "We, the people, won through a mix of strategic planning, focused organizing, and sheer determination [...]

Cuomo administration rejects Constitution pipeline

ALBANY­ The Cuomo administration has denied the water quality permits for a controversial pipeline in what has become another primary test of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s environmental legacy. . . .

State denies Constitution natural gas pipeline permits

DEC had repeatedly requested that Constitution provide a comprehensive and site-specific analysis of depth for pipeline burial to mitigate the project’s environmental impact ­ but the company refused ­ providing only a limited analysis of burial depth for 21 of the 250 New York streams. Pipes can become exposed in stream beds if not buried deeply enough, and corrective action can further damage the stream and impact water quality. . . .