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DEC denies pipeline permit

The DEC said that in addition to reviewing Constitution’s application and supporting materials, it also considered more than 15,000 public comments before reaching a decision.

STP’s Opposition to Constitution pipeline’s request for a partial notice to proceed

STP's Opposition to Company's Request for NTP and Motion for a Stay STP_Opposition to NTP + Motion for Stay_1_12_16.PDF Ex 1_NDNY ED cases, 12/31/14 Ex 1_ NDNY cases_12_31_14.PDF Ex 2_NDNY Order for easement Ex 2_NDNY order_easement.PDF Ex 3_Swift Affidavit_1_9_15 Ex 3_Swift Aff_Injunction_1_9_15.PDF Ex 4_Swift Affidavit_12_1_14 Ex 4_Swift Aff_MSJ_12_11_14.PDF Ex 5_Declarations of STP members Ex 5_Declarations.PDF

What CP will not tell you about about the Constitution Pipeline

This project would require clear-cutting more than 700,000 trees. Allowing it to proceed would also require digging and blasting through hundreds of pristine Catskills streams—all so a giant corporation can transport fracked gas through New York and on to Canada for export. This pipeline would cost New York millions, if not billions, in increased erosion and flood damage, contaminated water, trout kills, decreased property values and tourism revenue, road and bridge damage, increased safety risks and, ultimately, much higher gas bills. And #natgas kills renewables.

STP General Meeting June 23, 2015

Tuesday, June 23, 2015 7:00pm UUSO 12 Ford Avenue, Oneonta, NY         Details here:

Deadline for submitting comments to the DEC is now May 21, not May 14

NOTICE: On May 6, 2015, the DEC published a notice in the Oneonta Daily Star that said the deadline for comments regarding permits for the "Constitution" pipeline would be 15 days from the date of that publication - meaning May 21st. Pressed by the STP Steering Committee, the DEC sent a confirmation by email that the deadline for submitting comments to the DEC is now May 21, not May 14.

DEC Accepting Comments until Thursday, May 14, 2015

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) today announced a new 15-day public comment period on the re-submitted Water Quality Certificate application for the proposed, federally regulated Constitution Pipeline. Public comments on the proposed project will now be accepted until close of business on Thursday, May 14. Those who submitted comments during the first comment period which ended February 27, 2015 do not need to resubmit their comments. All comments received during the previous comment period will be considered as DEC reviews the permit application.

Stop The Pipeline on The Ed Show

Watch the Clip Fighting Controversial Constitution pipeline Colleen McKinney of STP and Jane Kleeb of Bold Nebraska on with Ed Schultz  urging viewers to tell NY DEC not allow Constitution pipeline to destroy New York's water.  Watch the most recent clip.

3 nights of overwhelming opposition to unconstitutional

CONSTITUTION PIPELINE DEC HEARINGS TALLY: Cobleskill, 45 speakers spoke out against the pipeline and 14 were in favor of it. In Oneonta, there were 56 opposed, 21 in favor. Binghamton, where the orange crowd was rude and rowdy, there were 27 against, 21 pro. (h/t Joan Tubridy, statskeeper)